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About Our Library...


The Apple Blossom School library has approximately 11,500 books, a large selection of DVDs and videos, and many teacher reference materials available to the K to 5th grade students and teachers. The library has two computers with access to the Internet, library media collections, and an automated check out system.. We also have a VCR with TV hook-up for classes to add additional ways to learn more about the various subjects that they study during the school year.

Mrs. Margie Wilson, who has worked as our school librarian for 22 years, reads to the students during their 30 minute, once a week visit. In this way she continues to promote a love of reading and listening to stories. Along with Mrs. Wilsons story reading, a variety of parents contribute their time to read to their child's class. The students enjoy hearing different styles of story reading. In addition to stories, the children are given a monthly library skills lesson. This may vary from learning about authors to understanding the Dewey decimal system.

Events For The Library...

The Apple Blossom library holds a book fair once a year to offer reading materials to students and teachers. These events are always very popular with the students as well as helping to raise the needed funds to keep new materials on our library shelves.

Library Hours...

Due to cut backs, our library hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 -12:30.

student in the library